Could I have sepsis again?

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60 yo female, have mechanical mitral valve for 5 years.  About 2 months ago i had severe sepsis due to a UTI without symptoms.  My heart stopped and required emergency cardioversion and i had possible pneumonia.  I came home but the symptoms came back and an 11 mm kidney stone was found.  It was removed but I’ve not been 100% and I have a lingering UTI that has been treated with antibiotics nearly a week.  i fear i will get sepsis again but fever around 99 degrees and no chilling like the first time.

2 Answers

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You don't have to worry too much. You are currently taking antibiotics for UTI, and your symptoms are gradually improving. With proper treatments and symptoms improving, you will not get sepsis. You just need to drink more water and strengthen vulva care to avoid future infection.
Thank you!
That's possible. However, as you are taking antibiotics to control your mild symptoms, I think you will be OK in several days. If your symptoms persist or get worse, you need to talk to your doctor about changing the treatment plan.