I fell 3 weeks ago. Still have severe pain in my right shoulder.

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I am a 63 year old female I was walking down the Street from my house about 3 weeks I didn't see the sidewalk that was broken I fell directly on my right shoulder then the next day I fell at the same walk on my shoulder now I have severe pain everyday and when I lift my arm up I get severe and my arm drops it hurts more I haven't been able to sleep at night I'm up every night please help with this pain I cant reach or raise my arm without having severe pain what you I di

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You need to go to the ER. Maybe your shoulder is broken or there is shoulder ligament rupture. All these need to be confirmed by a shoulder X-ray and an ultrasound/MRI scan respectively. In the meantime, you need to limit your shoulder or arm movement and avoid raising up the arm or hauling heavy objects, because these would do additional damages to the shoulder and the ligament.
Hi Diane, you'd better go to the ER for a check or go to an orthopedist. You might have shoulder injury, which can be seen on X-ray (bone fracture) or MRI (soft tissue). Before seeing a doctor, keep a comfortable posture, and take ibuprofen if you can't stand the pain.