Is 107 high in blood glucose?

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65 female with uti infection

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When did you get the blood glucose test? Is the blood drawn in the morning before you eat or drink anything? Or the blood is drawn 2 hours after a meal? Or the blood is just drawn randomly?

As you can expect, the temporal relationship between blood drawing and eating has a significant impact on blood glucose. It is obvious that blood sugar after eating is much higher than blood sugar in the morning when you do not eat or drink for a night!

You can see from the chart that if your blood is drawn in the morning before eating or drinking anything (fasting), then 107 is abnormal. It falls into the category of prediabetes, which means that it is higher than normal, but not enoughly high to be diagnosed as diabetes.

If your blood is drawn 2 hours after a meal, then it is normal (normal range<140mg/dL).