I've just been told that I have a 6 cm adrenal cyst. What is this? I was told it has grown since my last MRI.

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Will be 70 in August 11th.  Have excruciating back pain, but have been being treated with nerve ablations for 9 years with excellent results.  This year the nerve burn did not work.  My new MRI showed the 6cm adrenal cyst.  

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The adrenal gland is a tiny organ that sits above the kidney. A cyst is a bag full of fluid. You can consult a urologist. The adrenal cyst, which is thought to be accountable for your pain, can be removed by a minimally invasive surgery called laparoscopic surgery.

Adrenal cysts are rare cystic masses produced by the adrenal glands. It is generally non-functional and asymptomatic, with a diameter of less than 10 cm when accidentally discovered. However, a giant adrenal cyst refers to an adrenal cyst with a diameter greater than 10 cm. They pose diagnostic difficulties for surgeons because it is very difficult to locate the origin of the cyst. Indications for surgical intervention include diameters greater than 10 cm, presence of symptoms, endocrine abnormalities, intracapsular hemorrhage, and suspected malignancy. The evaluation criteria for adrenal cysts include a wide range of differential diagnosis, making it difficult to confirm the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. These cysts can be divided into four subtypes: endothelial, pseudocyst, epithelial and parasitic.