What caused leg twitching?

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19 year old, uncontrolled leg twitching no medications

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Twitching can occur after physical activity because lactic acid accumulates in the muscles used during exercise. It most often affects the arms, legs, and back.

Muscle twitches caused by stress and anxiety are often called “nervous ticks.” They can affect any muscle in the body.

Consuming too much caffeine and other stimulants can cause muscles in any part of the body to twitch.

Deficiencies of certain nutrients can cause muscle spasms, particularly in the eyelids, calves, and hands. Common types of nutritional deficiencies include vitamin D, vitamin B, and calcium deficiencies.

Dehydration can cause muscle contraction and twitching, especially in the body’s larger muscles. These include the legs, arms, and torso.

The nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause muscle twitching, especially in the legs.

Muscle spasms can occur in the eyelid or the area around the eye when the eyelid or the surface of the eye is irritated.

Adverse reactions to certain drugs, including corticosteroids and estrogen pills, can trigger muscle spasms. The twitching may affect the hands, arms, or legs.

These common causes of muscle spasms are usually minor conditions that easily resolve. The twitching should subside after a couple of days.

You are suggested to see a neurologist for a final diagnosis.