Sharp pain behind left ear.

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62 year old female, under horrific stress for sometime.  2 years ago had Mrsa in my sinuses, that's about when this started. they say I have a infection in my body that will never go away. also boil like sores. some pop, some don't. last one actually 3 in December 2019. I can't get any answers.  please help.

2 Answers

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Is there any discharge from the ear?  Ear infection would certainly cause pain behind the ears. It is treated with antibiotics. I am wondering why you don't get antibiotics to cure the infection. Even MRSA can be cured with antibiotics, such as vancomycin. You need to see an ENT doctor or an infectious disease doctor.
Do you have any symptoms of infection, such as fever, chills, etc., before the onset of ear pain? Have you been tired recently? Usually, the severe pain behind the left ear is probably caused by herpes zoster virus stimulating the facial nerve. Mostly it happens when you have a low immunity. You need to go to a dermatologist and an otorhinolaryngologist to check whether there are small herpes behind the ear or in the external auditory canal. You can take vitamin B12 to nourish your nerves, and use gabapentin to relieve pain symptoms. Sometimes, you may also need to take a small dose of hormone.