Why does my hip keep clicking when I walk? So sore, hurts. I am going 5 month after surgery.

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i am 71 year old female. i fell, broke my leg and crushed my ankle. they done surgery on leg. its fine. i was sent to rehab.. somehow my hip got broke. they done surgery on it, but it will not get well. i clicks when i walk, hurts so bad, stays so sore, this makes 5 months of this.

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The noises or sensations you are feeling can be a number of things. It can be the knee replacement components, where you have friction. Also it's possible that it can be tendons, and scar tissue that has built up around the area or that was there even prior to surgery.

It is something many of those who have had total knee replacement surgery many years ago will sense.

It is not uncommon, as you still have an accumulation of fluid inside your knee capsule which is a combination of water, blood, and synovial fluid.

Did you see your hip surgeon? What did he say? Get a hip X-ray or CT scan to find out.
Hi, Velma. You are suggested to take a CT scan of your hip to check what is going on inside. If there is no contraindication, you'd better take an MRI scan. If your hip is hard to mend, you may consider hip replacement. The click sound indicates loss of cartilages or bad function of the joint surface.