My blood pressure is 63/51 and it usually runs extremely high and I'm on meds but I am lightheaded, dizzy.

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I am 33 female. I’m on lisipril analodapine and water pill. my chest, it hurts like a burning, feeling hard to get deep breath, left leg pain.

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Your blood pressure is too low. Normal systolic blood pressure is between 90 and 139, and diastolic blood pressure is between 60 and 89. You need to adjust the dosage of antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of a cardiologist ASAP.

The symptom of heartburn may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux. You can get a definite diagnosis by taking a gastroscopy.
Hi. Your BP is too low. You should see your doctor and adjust your blood pressure lowering medications. Did you increase the dose recently? Did you take enough fluid yesterday to keep a good blood volume?

See a doctor ASAP. ECG, aorta CTA and blood tests for cardiac markers are all necessary. You need to watch out for heart attack and aortic dissection. They are life threatening.