33 y/o daughter has had diarrhea for weeks but feels constipated like a stool is right there to be dedicated.

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33yo female feels pressure like constipation but passes only diarrhea for several weeks.

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Does she have blood in stool or abdominal pain? Since it has been several weeks, she is suggested to do a stool test and CT scan first to exclude tumor or infection.
This is medically called tenesmus, which means that the patient has a feeling of stool in the colon despite the patient has just defecated. It is a sign of irritation of the rectum, a part of the digestive tract that near the anus.  

Your daughter needs to see a gastroenterologist and do a stool test and culture to see if there is digestive tract infection, which is treated with antibiotics. If the diarrhea is nonsignificant, it's not supposed to last for weeks.