What could be the cause of red rash, swollen leg that indents when pushed in?

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57 yrs old male with swollen leg and red rash on leg.. if you push in on it it lets a indentation

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Can you upload a picture of the leg rash? The indentation suggests that there is tissue edema. Has your leg had contact with something like poison ivy?  Any recent insect bites? Does the rash itch or not? Common causes for leg red rash include eczama, insect bite, contact dermatitis, poison ivy. You need to see a dermatologist to know for sure.

when you push on the skin it lets an indentation. He hasn’t been bitten by anything nor has he been around any poison. He has been complaining about the foot and leg being itching for a few months; I’m wondering if adema is very itchy when there is a lot of it? We have also noticed some breathing issues and having to use inhalers more often could these two issues be related?

Hi, thanks for the updated information. It seems that the lung problems are not related to the leg skin rash, which seems to be eczama or dermatitis. How about trying OTC corticosteroid creams?