How do I know if I have dermatitis on my scalp?

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49 female itchy scalp really dry feels like scales on my scalp but when I check my scalp there is like a white scale when I separate layers of my hair. I’ve used 2 different dandruff shampoos. Nothing seems to be helping. It’s driving me crazy because when I comb my hair I’m losing a lot.

2 Answers

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Hi. Have you noticed any small bugs in the hair? If yes, it is head lice, which could cause severe itching of the head and dandruffs. They are very small and you have to make great efforts to find them.

In general, dermatitis would cause the scalp skin to appear red. If your scalp is not red, it is probably not dermatitis. As for the hair loss, it might be related to your body hormonal changes, aa you are undergoing menopause. You may also consider get your thyroid function tested. Overactive or underactive thyroid would frequently cause dry brittle hair and hair loss.
Once I was a severe patient of seborrheic dermatitis, worse than you. From junior high school, i suffered a lot form this disease! At the beginning, i felt itchy on the scalp but i didn’t care about it , a period of time later, i found that there were small lumps on my head and my hair even started to loss! I felt so bad and eager to see the doctor, he prescribed drugs for me and told me to keep practice and good mood.I followed his guides and the situation improved a lot. However, this disease was not that easy to deal with,it repeated several times, once i stopped the medicine it would attack me again.That was so bad! After a few rounds of treatment, now i was finally recovered. So if you are struggle with this disease, remember to see the doctor and follow his suggestions! You have to keep proper exercise to building up your physique, don’t have too much sweety food, vegetables and fruits are better for you! Be confident and you are sure to defeat it. Good luck!