Why do they have to remove fluid out of the stomach?

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Do you mean that the doctors inserted a nasogastric tube to remove the fluids? It is a common procedure for patients undergoing various surgeries, especially those that involve the gastrointestinal tract.

Often, the anesthesia would make the guts unable to move as usual, and patients would have symptoms of abdominal bloating after surgery. That's when a nasogastric tube should be used. If surgery is done at the stomach, this tube could also help doctors to know whether there is bleeding at the surgery site.

There are also other reasons why this tube is inserted. For another example, some patients may be faced with a risk of aspirating the food into the lung (cause of aspiration pneumonia) if they eat as usual. The tube could facilitate injecting foods or drugs directly into the stomach.
Gastrointestinal decompression, which means removing fluid of the stomach, is a common procedure for patients with gastric retention and intestinal obstruction, especially with high small intestinal obstruction. It can relieve patients' symptoms, such as abdominal pain, distension, and vomiting. More importantly, gastrointestinal decompression can prevent the gastrointestinal contents from straying into the trachea and lungs, which is a cause of pneumonia in mild cases and suffocation in severe cases.