Can dogs get bed bugs?

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Bedbugs belong to the Insecta, Hemiptera, Bedbug family and Bedbug genus, which are of great medical importance in Hemiptera. According to some scientific reports, there are about 75 species in the world, but most of them are parasitic on bats and birds, and few species related to human beings. Bedbugs generally live in groups, so a large number of them are often found in places which are suitable for hiding. All of them come out at night, sucking human blood with their sharp mouthparts,when human blood is not found, they also suck blood from rabbits, mice,chickens and other animals.There is no strict evidence so far that dogs will definitely get the bedbugs,however, it is true that when bedbugs don’t have direct channels to the human beings, they will absorb blood from animals first and then find other ways to parasitize people.But which kind of animals will they choose is still not very specific. Secondly, bedbugs like humid environment,so if their masters don't pay attention to the daily hygiene and regular deworming, dogs may also become the hosts of bedbugs.
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