Can you die from temporal arteritis?

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I am 70 years. My Neurologist ordrered a Spinal Tap &'to rule out migraine headaches. I thought I was going to die & my head was about to EXPLODE!!

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Hi. How do you know you have temporal arteritis? Do you have bulging and painful temporal artery on the side of the head? It can be diagnosed by vessel ultrasound for temporal artery and would become better soon after cortisone treatment. Temporal arteritis is a type of vasculitis and can also involve arteritis for the eyes. In this condition, people may have visual problems.
Your symptoms are not necessarily caused by temporal arteritis. Headache can be caused by tension, fatigue, infection or cancer. You need to have a cranial vascular ultrasound and brain MRI to confirm the diagnosis. At the same time, lumbar puncture also helps with the diagnosis. You can take painkillers first to relieve symptoms. At the same time, get plenty of rest and avoid fatigue.