Is It Safe to Sleep Next to Your Phone?

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It’s 11 p.m. You finish your work, put your iPhone X under the pillow, and jump onto your bed. Nothing strange? Here’s the bad news: sleeping close to the phone can do harm to your health.


In a report issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), scientists find that mobile phones can let out radio frequency energy. This energy might be associated with some health problems like headaches, sleeping disorders or even cancer.



Wait, what exactly is radio frequency energy?


Mobile phones work through sending and receiving signals to and from cell towers. The signal is what we call radio frequency (RF) energy. In essence, it is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. Your TV set and microwave oven can also emit RF energy. The problem is that you won’t cuddle with your TV set or microwave oven to sleep, but you might do so with your iPhone X.


What does the report say?


When your phone sends signals to the tower, RF energy can go from the antenna of the phone into your head and body. Although RF energy is not powerful enough to damage the cell or DNA, many studies have indicated that too much exposure to RF energy can increase health risks. Besides, kids, due to their smaller brains and bodies, are more susceptible to RF energy.



How to reduce the exposure to RF energy?


Though the links between RF energy and health problems remain to be further proved, you may need to do something to reduce the exposure to RF energy.


Keep a distance from your phone


If you have a Bluetooth headset, use it for conversation instead of talking directly on the phone. Although Bluetooth can also release RF energy, the level is much lower and it can make a difference. Put your phone in a purse or bag rather than the pocket next to your chest. Keep your phone away when sending and receiving files. Your iPhone won’t miss you too much for a short leave.


Avoid sleeping close to the phone


Keep at least a foot away from your cell phone before you sleep. An alternative is to switch the phone over to airplane mode. Just don’t leave your iPhone under the pillow again. No one will bother you during the night but the RF energy.



Avoid using your phone when the signal is weak


If you find your phone displaying only one or two bars of service, you’d better stop using it. This is the time when your phone is sending high levels of RF. RF levels can also be higher when you are in a fast-moving car or streaming a video.


Don’t try to block RF energy


It won’t work. Products that try to interfere with the signal can only make things worse. The more you interfere, the more RF energy works you may get. Why not just switch your phone off then?


Anyway, although more studies are needed, try to put your smartphone in another room when you sleep.


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