What's similar in sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders?

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I am not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. I am not trained in personality disorders. This is my opinion.  Similarities of NPD and Sociopathics include but are not limited to:

Lack of empathy


Passive aggressive behavior


Cruel abusive language

Physical abuse with complete denial of the event

I believe the only emotional “type” behavior that comes naturally to a narcissist or sociopath is the evil delight they derive in hurting others. Neither a sociopath or a narcissist is capable of feeling real emotions. They both have learned the appropriate responses to situations. An example of this would be: a commercial for abused animals brings a tear to their eye, yet they have demonstrated no affection for animals around them. Thay laugh when a comedian is belittling someone, but can not laugh otherwise. It is like they are just a clone or AI. They observe behaviors, then try to repeat the response.

They do not have emotions, just learned responses. They are both highly manipulative, gaining your trust, and the using your weaknesses to slowly chisel away at your soul.

They both do intend to harm others and, in fact, delight in the pain they cause.

They both will lie. They do not have morals and they do not think that rules , boundaries, laws apply to them. They both will plot for months even years, at harming those who have escaped their grasp. They will always find a way to intimidate and insert themselves into your life.

I believe there is something wired wrong in their makeup. I believe they are truly dangerous and many of them would kill if they believed no one would know.  They do not have impulse control and are often addicts of one thing or another. They often come from abusive homes, but do not see their behavior as abusive.

Run, walk, drive, crawl away—-just get these people out of your life. They cannot be cured. They cannot change. They will never love you. You will never be able to do anything right. You will never be happy or joyful or feel nurtured in their presence.

In recovery