Drunk Husband vs. Stressed Partner: What You Should Do

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A friend of mine recently almost broke up with her husband, thanks to the husband’s drinking. Wait, I am not talking about cheating after drinking or drinking-induced violence or medical condition – I am talking about stress.



After three tough years of unemployment, her husband started working again; however, every payday the husband would get drunk at the pub after work with his mates. She even found him flirting with another woman, giving her a lot of pain. She confronted her husband and had several talks with him, only to find that her husband has been under too much pressure of returning to work.


I would say what the husband has done is done, and it is surely irresponsible, but it could have been avoided and can be prevented. If your partner is acting differently and has led to tension in your relationship, you may need to make efforts to help him/her get out of the plight. Here are several tips for you to help your partner cope with stress.



Identify those signs of stress


Stress is often signaled by a change in habits. If you find your partner having some odd daily habits such as overeating or lack of appetite, sleepiness or insomnia, recurrent headaches, or stomach aches, or having problems with concentration, your partner is probably experiencing stress.


Be a reliable friend for him/her


It is very important for one with stress to make his/her feel heard. Holding them inside will only cause worse consequences. A reliable friend is therefore demanded as a place for them to vent their stress. You do not need to fix things for him/her immediately or tell him/her how to respond; just listen and validate their concerns. Be there for your partner.



Do something thoughtful for him/her


Sometimes your partner may not want to talk about the problems, but still, there are plenty of ways to let him/her know that you are there for him/her. Try to start by getting your partner a card or flowers, making a favorite meal, or planning some relaxing activities after a hard day. If your partner realizes that you have his/her back, your partner will turn to you when he/she feels ready.


Take care of yourself as well


If your partner is stressed, it is important for you to hang in there and be a constant support. It would be much harder if you both had troublesome stress. So you need self-care to keep yourself strong. There’re various forms of self-care. You can take aerobic exercises like running and yoga, take a hot Epsom salt bath which helps to soothe your muscles and minds, and try meditation or therapy. It’s not just about dealing with your own needs, but also avoiding adding additional stress to your partner.



Sustaining a relationship is never easy; you and your partner both need to be each other’s support. Being attentive and strong, you can help your partner get through a stressful time.

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
Always keep it 100 with your love never hide nothing it can be less stress because not knowing how to help will leave your love one so stress it will stop his drive to help