Swollen calves and feet, and numb thigh sometimes. What should I do?

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51yo, male, no medication.

Calves and feet swollen and feel feverish, and are red. Pushing on any part causes an intention that takes some time to return to normal. My right thigh began several years ago to randomly go numb with burning sensation. Now it's in both legs. No shortness of breath, no chest pain. Have gained weight during pandemic. 1st noticed swelling after 36 hours sitting at desk. That was a week ago swelling has lessened but returns daily. X-rays said heart not showing indications of CHF. I have a stint in LLV and a loop monitor, was inserted during an ablation surgury. Heart condition caused by electricution. 5 years ago. Batt. dead in loop monitor, have never taken heart meds.

2 Answers

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Have you got a leg ultrasound to check whether there is a blood clot in the leg? Blood clots are a common cause of leg swelling, numbness and pain.

The fact that it occurred after sitting for an extended period of time (36 hours) also makes blood clots very likely.  

You need to see your cardiologist or a vascular surgeon for the blood clot.
You are suggested to get an ultrasound scan for your leg vein and a lumbar MRI to check whether you have disc herniation since you also have burning feelings.

Are you taking any anti-hypertension meds? Some anti-hypertension meds may also cause leg swelling as side effects.