How do you stop leg cramps at night? I am not a diabetic and I don't have high blood pressure.

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I made 63 year old female and I have leg cramps at night set on my face that was your toe shoes and Ian in good shape no health issure just in iron pills

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What you have sounds like calcium deficiency. You can take appropriate calcium tablets and moderate exercise to relieve symptoms.

Elderly people are at higher risk of muscle cramps because they lose muscle mass, making the muscles easily overstressed. There are many conditions can lead to it, such as overuse of muscles, dehydration, nerve compression, mineral deficiency and cold weather. There is no specific remedy for muscle cramps, but there are several ways of stopping them. Such measures include massaging the muscle, relaxing the muscle with warm water, taking a painkiller, and drinking plenty of fluids. Bananas, because of their potassium content, are a good food for preventing leg cramps.