What does diagnosis of bilateral uncinate process hypertrophy with exit foraminal narrowing mean?

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54 yr old female. C5-C-6 disc replacement done. Pain, weakness, spasms and tingling  in neck and left arm.

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I guess that is an excerpt from your MRI/CT report. May I ask why did you get C5-6 disc replacement in the first place? I am not sure whether this had already been present before your C5-6 disc replacement surgery or it is a response/side effect associated with your surgery.

However, your symptoms of muscle weakness, tingling and spasm can be caused by the exit foraminal narrowing, because the narrowing could compress the spinal nerves! I think you may make an appointment with your surgeon and discuss whether the MRI/CT findings require any further treatment.
They are arthritic overgrowth of bone in the fine structures of the cervical spine. It describes parts of the cervical spine where the nerves exit between the vertebra and can pinch a nerve. It's a degenerative change which can happen when people age.
It means that the spinal nerve root or cervical spinal cord may be compressed, resulting in dizziness, limb weakness and other symptoms. According to your description, you already have the above symptoms. It is recommended that you consult a neurosurgeon for evaluation as soon as possible.