How do l know if l have a concussion?

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68 yr old male on ladder slipped off.

Fell backwards on back of head.

2 spots one 1 inch cut on crown

1 cut about 3 inches lower.

Blood flow stopped quickly.

No headache

Just a sore ..not really nauseated.

Not sleepy.

Can see talk nothing of concern.

Cannot move head right to left fast without being dizzy.

2 Answers

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The following is needed for the diagnosis of  a concussion:

Neurological exam. A doctor will perform an in-office exam that tests the patient’s neurological function. This exam will include tests of reflexes, balance, strength, coordination, vision, and hearing. The exam may also include tests of memory, concentration, and cognition.

Imaging tests. In cases where symptoms such as headache or vomiting are severe, or when symptoms seem to be getting worse, a doctor may want to perform imaging tests to rule out a more severe brain injury that has caused bleeding or swelling in the brain.
Concussion is a functional diagnosis. It refers to a transient brain dysfunction that occurs immediately after the head is hit by an external force. According to your description, there may be no problem. But if you don't feel at ease, you can do a head CT.