Why does everyone want to do injections and therapy for lumbar radiculopathy and disc herniation?

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I have been diagnosed with lumber radiculopathy  and a herniated disc with l5 s1 and have dealt with unbelievable pain for 8 months!  I've seen 3 physicians and they only want to do injections and physical therapy . I can barely walk let alone  do therapy!   Why won't the physicians look at the full problem not just a piece of the puzzle? I need the disc and LR taken care of

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Well, the main treatment for disc herniation and radiculopathy is surgery and conservative treatment (e.g., injection etc).  Surgery is generally for those who don't respond to injection treatment.

I am not sure why all the three doctors you've seen just only recommended injection instead of surgery. Maybe you should see an orthopedic surgeon for this. If you've seen a surgeon and still got injection only, then the reason may be that you are not a good candidate for surgery and conservative treatment is the best option.
There are surgical criteria for lumbar disc herniation. You can consult an orthopedist. They will decide what therapy is suitable for you. BTW, for disc herniation, conservative treatment is recommended at first to improve your symptoms.
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