I have MS, burning mouth syndrome. Syncope sounds like exactly what I have.

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I’m 47 years young a female, current medications is Baclofen. Primidome, nortripoltine, klonopine, protonix, norco, and migraine medication. I can’t recall the name.

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Syncope is not a common clinical manifestation of MS. How's your blood pressure? Is there any heart disease? I think you need an evaluation for syncope. Mostly syncope is caused by low blood pressure or heart disease. You can go to a cardiologist or neurologist for detailed assessment.
Hi, syncope is generally caused by brain or heart problems. For example, brain conditions that cause reduced blood flow to the brain would cause syncope. For another example, a very slow heart rate would also cause syncope.

Syncope is a well-documented symptom of multiple sclerosis, as this disease would affect the nerves and cause a low blood pressure that leads to syncope.

So you might need to check with your neurologist to see whether it is caused by your multiple sclerosis.