I had a bladder sling and mesh. I stay sick all the time.

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I have a bladder sling and mesh I stay sick to my stomach and it hurt on my left side at my lower stomach and when I pee I double over the toilet and almost passes out .tell me what should I do.please?

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Pain is a common complication following mesh or sling for urinary incontinence. 

You need to talk to your surgeon about this complication. If the pain is just unbearable, surgical removal of the sling or mesh may be necessary. 

Bladder sling and mesh do not cause stomach pain or problem. Do you feel hard to urinate or urinary frequency or pain? If not, you are suggested to check your stomach. Do you feel pain when your stomach is empty or after meal? Do you have nausea or vomit? If yes, you should go to see gastroenterologist and do examination such as blood test or gastroscopy.
I do hurt when I pee hurts so bad I almost pass out and I hurt where they put in the bladder sling and mesh sometimes I can't make it to the bathroom to pee I can't hold my pee like other females and it hurts to have sex too sometimes I wet the bed and I also got a kidney disease I keep getting a uti so it's got to be the bladder sling and the mesh
What should I do see a doctor