Low, TSH at 0.011, should I raise or lower Levothyroxine 0.150mg dosage?

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76, male, no outward signs

2 Answers

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The normal TSH value is about 0.4-4. Your level of 0.011 suggests that you take too much levothyroxine. But whether you should decrease the levothyroxine dosage depends on why you take the thyroxine in the first place. For example, if you're taking levothyroxine because you had your thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer, then you should not decrease levothyroxine dosage because a low TSH is desirable after surgery. If you take levothyroxine for a non-cancer reason, then the dosage should be decreased.
Your TSH is a little bit low. In my own view, you can decrease the levothyroxine to 125ug or 100ug, bu't it's advised that you talk with your doctor first. Thyroid function fluctuates and you need to test it every 2-3 months after decreasing your medication dose. See your endocrinologist regularly, and let him/her decide how to adjust your medication.