My mom is complaining of her kidney pain and nonstop hiccups.

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Mom is 66 years old and complaining of her kidneys pain.  And she’s been hicupping nonstop for last hour.

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Hiccup is a common symptom associated with acute pain. The "kidney pain" means, I guess, lower back pain. It can be caused by many conditions, such as kidney stone, disc herniation, osteoarthritis. Your mom needs to see a doctor to find out what causes the pain.
Hi, did she ever have a kidney ultrasound scan for this? Does she have kidney stones or upper urinary infections? Any blood in urine or any other discomfort? It's advised to have a lower abdominal MRI or urinary tract CT to clarify the possible causes.

Random non-stop hiccups are mostly due to foods she just ate. Usually it will disappear spontaneously.