I have an open fracture, a plate and 4 screws. What can I do?

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Hi, do you mean you just got a fracture? sorry to hear your condition, but you need to listen the prescription of the orthopedist who performs the surgery for you. You can also consult the doctor any questions you are concerned.

Plates and screws used to fix an fracture are not removed if they are not causing problems. Most people do not have problems with the plate and screws. In rare cases, the plate and screws can cause some pain or irritation. When this happens, the hardware may be removed after the fracture is healed, about a year from the original surgery.
I have a closed break with 2 plates and 6 screws. There is a pin that will be removed surgically in a few weeks. I am 66 and fell in my bathroom using a inhaler that can make me  dizzy. I have type 2 diabetes.. I have followed my surgeons instructions to a T. my accident was November 21, surgery on the 22nd of November. I have osteoarthritis and am concerned about my ability to walk. On the whole are these types of surgery successful?