Lump on lower left side and bulging out. Severe pain. What could this be?

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Kayla I'm a 26 yrs old female. about 2 months ago a small lump showed up on my lower left side and now its bulging out. severe severe pain. feels like it is pulsating and now my lower right side is starting the same way. I'm not on any medication

2 Answers

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You need to go to the ER and at the very least get an ultrasound scan of the lower abdomen to see what is wrong. Since you are a healthy young female, I am wondering if it is related to ovary problems (such as ovarian tumor or cyst) or something else.
Hi Kayla, I don't know lower left side of which part? abdomen? I feel that you need to go to see a doctor ASAP. It might be herniation or aneurysm based on your description. These conditions may cause vessel rupture, intestinal ischemia etc. Go to an urgent care soon.