What is white blood cell count number to resume chemo? Currently white cell level is 2.3.

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WhaWhat is white blood cell count numbert is white blood cell count number  to resume chemo. Current white cell level 2.3

77 ye old male with lymphoma

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A low white blood cell (WBC) count, is one of the more serious negative effects of chemotherapy. It can make it needed to delay treatment to enable the WBC count to recuperate, and/or trigger the care group to decrease the chemotherapy dose to avoid it from happening again. In the majority of cases, low counts are temporary. Counts start rising soon and reach normal levels (normal WBC range of 4,500-11,000 WBC/mcL or 4.5-11.0 x 10^9 per liter) without causing infections, and further chemotherapy may be continued.
Low white blood cell is a common side effect of chemotherapy since those chemical medications can not only kill cancer cells as well as normal cells. Thus, patients need to test their routine blood cells every time before chemotherapy. If leukocyte is lower than 1.5*10^9/L, or whole blood white cell is lower than 3*10^9/L, it's better to take medications that can increase white cells. Otherwise, patients are at risk of infections since the while blood cells are low. The common medication is granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, this can quickly upregulte the white cell numbers.