What could cause upper left arm pain worsening over a few days?

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I am a 36 yr old female, having pain in the upper quadrant of my left arm. It started off constant but light, worsening over the last few days. Now it hurts pick up my 2 yr old and any strenuous movements. Not getting very sleep, with the pain. If I lay it flat next to my side while lying down, that's the only slight relief I experience.

2 Answers

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It could be a muscle strain caused by the effort of holding the baby. Do you have any history of trauma on your left arm? An X-ray could help exclude fracture. If there is no fracture, pain patches can be used to relieve the pain.
Hi Nicole, It sounds like muscle problems. You can take MRI of your left arm for a check. Did you notice any change about the appearance such as swelling, redness, rashes etc? do you have fever, or other discomfort? You are also suggested to test creatine kinase or antibodies against muscles if necessary. Go to see a rheumatologist.