Medicine for osteoporosis of hip for severe leg pain.

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Female, age 60, severe pain in leg, walking stride not fully able to do, steps, walking is hindered as well as standing. Feels like vice grip squeezing till it closes. please help! Can't  see Dr till March in ortho.

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Osteoporosis can easily lead to fractures. But if it's just osteoporosis, it won't cause severe leg pain or trouble standing up. What you described sounds like fractures in the pelvis and hip. You need to have a CT scan of the lower pelvis and hip joint as soon as possible. If there is no way to check, try to rest in bed and avoid walking.
Hi, medications for osteoporosis include calcium, vitamine D, biphosphonate,calcitonin etc. Unfortunately, if you can not go to see a doctor, you may only get vitamine D and calcium to improve your osteoporosis condition.