I was in auto accident. Broke jaw, crushed several teeth. I have Medicare. How to get insurance to cover?

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First, you must report the accident to Medicare, whether you file a personal injury claim or not. This is because Medicare must be reimbursed for the money it spends. (You’d better get a lawyer to handle interactions with your assigned Medicare COB contractor)

After that, Medicare will monitor your case; once everything is settled, your lawyer must notify your COB contractor of the settlement amount before Medicare disburses any settlement money to you.

If you’re injured in a No Fault state, your own automobile insurer will pay some or all of your medical bill first. If your medical bills exceed the state’s no fault limit, Medicare will then pay the bills. If you’re injured by a driver in an At Fault state, reimbursement will be pursued from the at-fault driver’s auto insurer.