How can I get rid of swelling in both legs and feet?

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I'm 50 years old I just went through 2 surgery's I was diagnosed with Canda equina and Rhabdomyolyppsis

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To eliminate the swelling of both legs and feet, you need to identify the cause of the swelling first. Heart failure is a very likely cause. It is recommended that you go to the hospital to test your blood BNP level. If it is higher than normal, the doctor may give you a small dose of diuretic to reduce the swelling.
Swelling of both legs and feet may be induced by heart failure, kidney disease, low albumin etc. Besides leg swelling, do you have swelling in other body parts such as eyelid etc.? How about your heart, kidney and liver function? On the other hand, you can have an ultrasound scan to see whether you have blood clots in both legs. When you sleep at night, put your leg at a relatively higher level than your body to relieve the swelling.