Plant-Based Foods Help You Lose Weight and Keep Healthy

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Many people eat plant-based foods for potential health benefits, which are especially helpful for weight control to prevent various health issues. A suitable diet is always a good start to stay healthy and enjoy life.



1. Healthy diets with plant-based foods


Traditional Mediterranean diet focuses on plant-based foods, which can help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other conditions. Also, recent research has demonstrated that a green Mediterranean diet, containing more plant-based foods, can be even better for health and weight management.


Twenty hundred and ninety-four people (BMI of 31) with an average age of 51 were included in the research. The result showed that the group on the green Mediterranean diet lost 6.2 kg on average after insisting it for six months, while those on the traditional Mediterranean diet lost 5.4 kg and those on a general healthy diet lost 1.5 kg. Moreover, the waist circumference for people on the green Mediterranean diet shrank by an average of 8.6 cm, compared with 6.8 cm for those on traditional Mediterranean diet and 4.3 cm for those on a normal healthy diet.



While the green version only replaces the minimal amount of red meat allowed in the traditional Mediterranean diet with plant-based protein, such small adjustments can help lose weight faster and keep a healthier body shape.


2. Recommended recipes for reference


If you have no idea about how to choose a healthy diet, traditional Mediterranean diet is still a good choice for beginners. Here are recommendations of recipes.


Main dishesSalads and sidesHealthy desserts
barley and roasted tomato risotto
grouper with tomato-olive sauceartichokes alla Romanaalmond and apricot biscotti
Mediterranean-style grilled salmonbean salad with balsamic vinaigrettebaked apples with cherries and almonds
pasta with spinach, garbanzos and raisinsbeet walnut saladberries marinated in balsamic vinegar
polenta with roasted Mediterranean vegetablebraised kale with cherry tomatoespoached pears
Tuscan white bean stewfresh tomato crostini
vegetable calzone


After eating traditional Mediterranean diets for a while, you can try to completely remove the red meat and move on to the green version if you like. Then the modified recipe can be 28g/day walnuts, higher quantities of plant-based foods, 3-4 cups/day of green tea and 100g frozen cubes of Wolffia globosa (cultivated Mankai strain), and a high protein form of the aquatic plant duckweed. In this way, the green Mediterranean diet, supplemented with walnuts, green tea, and Mankai, and less meat/poultry, may enhance the benefits of traditional Mediterranean diet to improve overall health.    



3. Live a healthy lifestyle


Apart from diets, regular exercises are also important to live a healthy life. You can do some easy and gentle home exercises indoors if you are not very active, such as sitting exercises, Tai chi, and yoga. Moderate-intensity and low-impact activities such as fast walking, can be as effective as high-impact activity such as running, if you do exercises in a proper way.


Hope you enjoy healthy meals and live a happy life!


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