I have had TM caused by the flu vaccine. Is it safe to take the covid19 vaccine or will it exacerbate my condition?

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I am 72 yrs old female and contracted transverse myelitis 21 yrs ago. As a result of the TM I have intractable nerve pain from T3 down on the right side and around from sternam around to spine.  I also have Browne-Sequard syndrome resulting from TM.. I am a high risk pt with high B/P, and DM. I am concerned that my symptoms may become worse with the covid19 vaccine.  Are my concerns wauranted? My name is Barb W

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Covid19 vaccine is safe for most people. Your current situation does not put you in the group with decreased immune function, so it should be safe in theory. However, all drugs have adverse reactions, so no one can guarantee that they are 100% safe.
HI, Barb, covid 19 vaccination is like other vaccinations; the most common risk is infections. Although you have multiple disorders, your immune function is still normal. Thus, you don't have worry. If you have vaccinations, sleep well, drink more water and avoid infections. Muscle soreness, and flu-like symptoms are normal after vaccinations.