It Is Your Thoughts that Create a Fear of Failure

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People are born with the need to achieve. Sometimes, it is the thought patterns that keep people from success. Thoughts and emotions are intricately related, with thoughts resulting in feelings. So, the thoughts you choose can determine the way you feel.



Emotions can be improved by changing thoughts


Thoughts are mental cognitions including our ideas, opinions, and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. They are shaped by life experiences, genetics, and education, which are generally under conscious control. Emotions can be regarded as the flow and experience of feelings, such as joy, sadness, anger, or fear.


Your worldview is influenced by the balance between your thoughts and emotions. If you act more in accordance with your emotions, knowing and understanding what you are feeling will help you be effective in making wise choices. In other words, if you are aware of your fear of failure for example, you have the choice to overcome it by improving your thought patterns.



Fear of failure also derives from your thoughts


Fear of failure is medically known as atychiphobia. Not everyone will experience this type of fear in the same way. Four causes are frequently seen among people with atychiphobia.


First, the ego may lead people to over-identify with failures. It is hard for them to look beyond failure at things like extenuating circumstances and growth opportunities.


Second, perfectionism is often at the root of the fear of failure. For perfectionists, failure is so terrible and humiliating that they only try those things that they will finish perfectly and successfully.



Third, persons with fragile self-confidence avoid risks. They would rather play it safe than try something new. However, people with true confidence know they will not always succeed.


Fourth, hyper-critical adults in a person’s childhood can cause them to internalize damaging mindsets. They can feel the constant need to ask for permission and reassurance and carry this need for validation into adulthood.


Five ideas you can begin with to improve your thought pattern



First, everyone experiences failure, so do not take such a universal human experience personally.


Second, not taking any action towards your goals is the equivalent of declining an opportunity. Do not jump to the conclusion that failure will carry great consequences.


Third, failure is a valuable life experience because it offers us great opportunities to learn and grow.


Fourth, your self-worth is not determined by success or failure. You are worthy because you are human.


Last, keeping the status quo can come at a great cost, taking you away from pursuing your fullest potential.



Many of us are sometimes afraid of failing, but it is important to realize that we always have a choice to get rid of fear.

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Fear is a form of failure and it can be debilitating to move far wards with a little help with positive and not negative can make the experience progress to the better side but any negative comment from anyone can send a very nice person back to the starting gate
Thoughts are friends..after been question they will show the truth that sets you free. The four questions and turn around done every morning for 20 minutes. Is it true? Can i absolutly know that is true? How do i react when i believe that thought? How would i react if i didnt believe that thought? Turn the thought around and see how that is truer than the original thought. The mind will find ways to see truth hidden because the ego is selective when believing a thought.
I suffered all my life with this debilitating disorder.

Today, especially I want to tell my colleagues, partners, business affiliates and private friends how I feel and I can't bring myself to say or find the words to tell  them.
That's a very good thought, makes me feel relieved.