Still exhausted and has racing heart after surgical ablation. What else can be done?

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My friend has gone through 2 Surgical ablation- she’s still exhausted, still has racing heart. What can be done? She is 58. Take beta blocker and blood thinner.

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Did your friend get an EKG to see if she still has atrial fibrillation? If yes, then she may try catheter ablation instead of surgical ablation. During catheter ablation, a doctor inserts long, thin tubes (catheters) into your groin and guides them through blood vessels to your heart. The catheter's tip produces radiofrequency energy, extreme cold (cryotherapy) or heat to destroy areas of heart tissue that are causing rapid and irregular heartbeats. Scar tissue forms, which helps signaling return to normal. Cardiac ablation may correct the arrhythmia without the need for medications or implantable devices.

If your friend is just tired of all these, she can just take medications for treatment. There are many other medications to help slow down the heart rate in addition to beta-blockers.
Why did she have the operation? If atrial fibrillation is the cause, there may be edema in the surgical area, which can also cause a rapid heartbeat. If she still feels uncomfortable, she should talk to her cardiologist immediately.