What's causing the terrible fatigue and weakness?

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I have chrones disease and am experiencing a very bad flare up. But I've been on steroids and inflammation seems to be better. But Im totally worn out and weak. Can't seem to get my energy back. Any idea what could be causing this. Can't do anything without being worn out so bad can't hardly stand it.

2 Answers

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Do you mean Crohn's disease? Do you have diarrhea or constipation currently or do you have a good diet recently? And have you checked your albumin recently? How about your albumin levels? Feeling bad is always accompanied by poor nutrition. In addition, other blood tests to check liver, renal or heart functions are required to find whether there are some other reasons.
According to your description, it may be adrenal insufficiency. I suggest you go to the hospital for endocrine hormone tests. The dosage of hormones may need to be adjusted.