What is wrong with me? Who do I go to for help? I don’t have a regular family doctor.

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I am 41 year old female. I started feeling weak and tired all the time about 6 weeks ago, no appetite, weight loss, hit falling out, night sweats, bad headaches. Then about a week and a half ago,a swollen lymp noid in my neck and swollen in front of my ears and behind it along with the ones under my arms. There is one main one on my neck that hurts bad. I went to the doctor and I tested negative for strep throat and tonsillitis. I don’t know what’s wrong but there is definently something wrong. I went to the ER and they said my blood work was fine but to go get tested for lupus and RA, which they said they don’t do there. My father just passed away this past June of lymphoma. Any idea what this sounds like? What could be wrong with me. Like I said the one in my neck hurts bad to touch or when I’m lay on that side of my face. The headaches have gotten worse and some days never goes away. Please help!

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It’s hard to say. Do you have tenderness and pain in the lymph nodes? The most common cause of swollen lymph nodes is an infection, particularly a viral infection, such as the common cold. If you want to confirm whether it is lymphoma, helpful tests and procedures include:

  • Removing a lymph node for testing. Your doctor may recommend a lymph node biopsy procedure to remove all or part of a lymph node for laboratory testing. Advanced tests can determine if lymphoma cells are present and what types of cells are involved.
  • Blood tests. Blood tests to count the number of cells in a sample of your blood can give your doctor clues about your diagnosis.
  • Removing a sample of bone marrow for testing. A bone marrow aspiration and biopsy procedure involves inserting a needle into your hipbone to remove a sample of bone marrow. The sample is analyzed to look for lymphoma cells.
  • Imaging tests. Your doctor may recommend imaging tests to look for signs of lymphoma in other areas of your body. Tests may include CT, MRI and positron emission tomography (PET).
Hi, I think you need to go to a hematologist for the biopsy of the swollen lymph node. In addition, blood panel for the autoantibodies is also suggested in case you have autoimmune disease since they can also cause swollen lymph nodes. It's better go see a doctor as soon as possible for your case.