My TSH numbers have dropped consistently in last 3 years. They were always 2.4 or above. Last TSH showed 0.53.

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I am 70 years old. I am a diabetic on insulin. In the last year my a1-c has risen to 6.9.  female, tresiba, atenenol, atorvasstatin,lisinopril. I have symptoms of tiredness, weak and sore muscles, leg, ankle and foot sweeping, forgetfulness and dizzyness.

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All your symptoms are related to your thyroid problem. The normal TSH is 0.4 to 4. So if your TSH is 2.4, then it means that it is normal. If your TSH is 0.53, then it is close to the normal lower end. It suggests that your might have an active thyroid gland. Are you currently taking levothyroxine? If so, you might need to decrease your levothyroxine a little bit.
Go to check T3, T4 and other thyroid function related indicators. Thyroid ultrasound is also required. You're suggested to check your A1C at the same time.