My middle toenail feels as if someone has stomped on it but no injuries have happened. What could be the reason??

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26. Female. Toenails hurts and I dont know why. Feels like someone is stomping on it but no injuries have happened. No redness or swelling.

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What shoes do you wear? Is there any physical deformity of the middle toe? I feel that this might be related to your shoes.

  • Shoes have a big impact on toes.
  • Proper foot wear can help prevent most issues.
  • Try toe wear shoes with plenty of room for your toes.
  • If you do have pain, seek out your podiatrist to have your feet examined.

Middle Toe Pain Causes:

  • The most common cause for experiencing middle toe pain is injury to your toe or toes.
  • Injury to your toe can cause your toe to get infected and inflamed. One of the most common causes for inflammation is cellulitis.
  • Proper foot wear is highly recommended to prevent toe pain as it can correct the position of your foot while walking.
  • Walking can also cause thick calluses to form due to constant friction to your skin.
  • These thick callouses can throw off the position of your foot causing you to have toe pain which can lead to tendon injury or deformity.
  • Hammer toe is one of the most common tendon issues that lead to middle toe pain.
  • This condition leaves the tendon attached to your toe very tight forcing your toe to contract without the ability to straight out.