Is it possible that mycelium from the fungus can live in the body? Can anyone give me some advice please? Thank you.

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38/m and f/ no meds.........

I use introveniously and have had abcses due to missing a vein. they have been massicating and I've been experiencing a insatiable itch around the area. I've been reading on wound botulism and it's effect on the body. .also my gf has scars that are identical and has the same symptoms. Dry skin arrid areas.....the wounds take extra long to heal, and massicate excessively. Also whatever is draining out of our wounds tend to dry up into a hard solid material....

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First, if you suspect that your problem is caused by wound botulism, then you need to know that botulism is not a fungus; instead it is caused by a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. Moreover, botulism could cause muscle weakness. So if you do not have muscle weakness, then it might not be wound botulism. It sounds more likely to be an abscess caused by needle piercing that leaves scars and drains fluids out.
It’s not uncommon for needles to be used during addiction, and dirty needles or injection sites that aren’t cleaned or cared for properly can easily cause or develop into abscesses. These puss-filled infections can create some pretty nasty scars when they open.

People who use stimulant drugs are more likely to pick or scratch at their skin. Crystal meth is well-known to cause these picking reactions. People who use either heroin or crystal meth often report that they feel as if bugs are under their skin, which causes them to pick and scratch their arms, legs and face. As a result, serious scars can develop as the scabs heal.

So it is really not about fungus or the mycelium