Age 60, lump in my arm below elbow, not hard like bone but firm. It’s like a ball, little smaller than a golf ball.

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No medicine, never smoked or drank, pain all over, never used doctor, never sick

Few broken bones when I was young, seem like lot of pain all over in my bones at nite, lump dose not hurt

2 Answers

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No one knows exactly what it is unless it is surgically excised and observed under the microscope. If you are concerned that this lump is bad (malignant), then some tests, such as ultrasound or even MRI can be done to help preliminary determine whether it is bad or not. Otherwise, you can observe the mass for additional time.
Do you use your elbow frequently? If yes, then it might be chronic tendinitis of the elbow that is related to the chronic use of the elbow. If no, it is a tumor under the skin. If you are concerned, you can see a general surgeon to have it removed.