Can C. diff be contagious through bodily fluids, such as kissing or sexual interxourse?

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I am 62 yrs old,female,diarrhea several times a day,nausea after eating.

My Dr just prescribed antibiotics today ,I don't know what kind,script being processed

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Coming in contact with contaminated surfaces, devices, or material with Clostridium difficile spores can easily be transferred to individuals by hands that have touched a contaminated surface or item.

Some examples of surfaces, devices, and materials contaminated with C.diff. spores in hospital/healthcare settings and community/outpatient settings: Commodes, bathtubs, showers, handrails, bed rails, countertops, door handles, draw handles, wall light switches, clothing, medical equipment, blood pressure cuffs, walkers, canes, rectal thermometers.