Why is my back radiating hot & heat after my 1st interstim procedure?

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I’m 45, I go in for the phase 2 implantation on 8/2, I’m a female & have pain when I sit long periods of time, ride in my car, lay down & not even on my back & plus haven’t slept in 7 days when the first surgery was done.  Just feel weak & blah.  I take Clonazepam & Parnate regularly but I also have morphine & hydro if I need one or the other as well as extra strength Tylenol.

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The device is implanted in the buttock. It does not seem to cause hot sensation in the back. However, if you refer the "back" as the "buttocks", then it is possible. You just need to revisit your doctor, who may run a test to see if the device works properly.