55 y/o male on congest heart failure meds. Pain on right side of groin near hernia during intercourse. Possible reason?

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Your symptom is medically called dyspareunia, which refers to pelvic or groin pain during intercourse. 

There are a variety of causes that can lead to dyspareunia:

  • Psychological
  • Medical factors
  • Other causes

The psychological causes include:

  • a history of sexual abuse or trauma
  • stress
  • fear
  • depression
  • guilt
  • anxiety around sex
  • emotional instability
  • a strict religious upbringing

The medical factors that can lead to dyspareunia include:

  • sexually transmitted infections ( STIs) including herpes
  • thrush or male candidiasis which is an infection caused by a yeast-shaped fungus called Candida albicans, that most commonly affects the head of the penis
  • a tight foreskin (Phimosis).
  • inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis)
  • growths, cysts, warts, and lumps in the penis
  • testicular cancer
  • little tears in the foreskin
  • problems with ejaculation when the testicles swell and become painful as a result of being sexually stimulated but not ejaculating
  • a penile fracture which can occur if a man slips out of his partner during vigorous thrusting and hits a hard object. A distinct cracking noise is heard and this is followed by immediate loss of erection, severe pain, bruising and swelling.
  • Peyronie's disease, which usually affects men aged 55 or over, and is a gradual change in the shape of the penis when erect. The penis when erect becomes bent rather than straight.

The other causes that can lead to male dyspareunia include:

  • skin irritation caused by an allergic reaction to a particular brand of condom or spermicide
  • sharp pain during penetration can be caused by threads of an intrauterine contraceptive device (for birth control) that protrude from the woman’s cervix
It is most commonly related to the prostate or the urethra. Conditions like chronic prostatitis or urethritis could all cause groin discomfort during sexual intercourse. In some, some psychological problems, such as stress or fear, would also cause groin discomfort during sexual intercourse. So if you are concerned, you can see a urologist and get tested