How do I get rid of my painful ear popping after a bad cold?

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  My 11 year old daughter has recently gotten  over a bad cold, & has developed a very painful popping within both of her ears. She’s also said  that the popping becomes more intense when  swallowing. ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️  Thank you!

2 Answers

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Your daughter may have a condition called otitis media, which is a kind of inflammation of the inner ear that frequently occurs after a cold. I think you may need to take your daughter to see an ENT doctor who may prescribe antibiotics to treat the otitis media.
Have you completely recovered from your bad cold? When you have a bad cold, you may feel uncomfortable, such as ringing in your ears, but these symptoms usually get better as the cold symptoms go away. I suggest you let her rest for a while, and see if the symptoms realease.