Can a heating pad help with lower left side pain? No other symptoms yet.

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Age 53,male,just pain in left side,last night though my stomach was making a rumbling sounds,but no pain. On several psychiatric meds such as Wellbutrin Sr.,Seroquel xr,Resperdal,cogentin,topamax,blood pressure med,captopril,diabetes meds glipizide,victoza

2 Answers

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It may depend on what causes your lower side pain. For instance, if it is caused by musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle ache, then a heating pad may work well. If the pain is caused by something like kidney stones or problems with the internal organs, then the heating pad may not work.
Yes. Heating pads and hot water bottles have long been thought to remedy stomach aches or menstrual pain. It is helpful in many cases of chronic pain.