What is albumin?

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Albumin is a kind of protein made by liver. It helps carry substances such as vitamins and enzymes in the blood. It also plays a role in preventing fluids from leaking out of the bloodstream.

Clinically, human serum albumin is used to treat burns, shock, and blood loss. Sometimes it is used as well in pharmaceutical preparations, such as vaccine. Albumin injection is a way to treat hypovolemia (low blood volume) or hypoalbuminemia (low albumin levels in the blood).

The amount of albumin can be measured in the urine or the blood through a serum albumin test. If you have symptoms that can result from a problem related to liver or kidneys, an albumin blood test may be needed. An albumin measurement may also be included in panel tests for the purpose of medical check-ups. Better consult a doctor to see if you need one.