Pain under my right shoulder blade started a few days ago. The pain is bearable but notable.

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73 Male, disabled vietnam vet (exposed to Agent Orange)

pain under my right shoulder blade started a few days ago the pain is bearable but notable, soreness tightness in my chest

Note: I have had aorta surgery to replace my ascending aorta with a synthetic material 6 years ago. My aorta root was said to be slightly (minimally) enlarged but stable.

on blood pressure med (to lower blood pressure)

low thyroid med

ptsd med


generic for nexium

generic for Zantax

valium as needed

Norco as needed (knee pain)

Zinc D3 B12 C Cranberry

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My suggestion is to see your aorta surgeon and get your heart and aorta checked because heart and aorta problems could cause pain in the back under the blade. Most importantly, the pain caused by aorta and heart problems is frequently very dangerous and life-threatening. Once these possibilities are excluded, then you will be reassured.

Your symptoms could be caused by angina.You can get an EKG and a chest CT to confirm your diagnosis.